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Christina Galanos

Caribbean Affiliation


  Christina Galanos is a practicing defense attorney headquartered in Nassau, Bahamas. When the Bahamas recently celebrated its fortieth anniversary, the national newspaper honored her by naming her one of the top forty people under forty years old who were spearheading change in the country. Aside from her work representing clients, she is a community activist on issues about criminal justice reform. She regularly appears in national news stories about her cases and other work her contacts with the legal education community extends to all three of the Commonwealth Caribbean Law Schools (Eugene Dupuch Law School in Nassau, the High Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago, and the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica). Her legal contacts span the entire Commonwealth Caribbean and the British West Indies. In 2014, she agreed to be the primary Caribbean contact for The Caribbean Project – an endeavor started by the Law Office of Christopher Leibig, the Law Office of Joni C. Robin, and Cary Citronberg from the Law Office of John Kenneth Zwerling to represent Americans charged with crimes in the Caribbean.

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